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MAX Pattaya Muay Thai Tickets

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MAX Muay Thai

While in Pattaya come and witness the Explosive & Brutal art of Muay Thai.

The Top Thai fighters, in the country, along with the best of the West come to Fight in Pattaya.

Max  Pattaya Muay Thai Stadium - Pattaya Boxing Tickets available every night of the week.

Purchasing tickets has never been easier.

Easy Check-Out Service | Muay Thai Tickets | No Credit Card Fees.

MAX Muay Thai Pattaya fight

Authentic fights

MAX Stadium

World class stadium

Max Muay Thai fighthers

Top  fighthers

Pattaya ​Muay Thai Boxing Tickets Thai boxing is the national sport of Thailand.

The top fighters in the country come to fight here in MAX Pattaya Stadium.

Muay Thai boxers come from all over the world to Thailand to train and

to hone their skills and be taught by the best trainers in the country and showcase their talents.

Over the years, learning Muay Thai has become increasingly popular among people who, not only, wish to fight in the ring but those who just want to keep fit.

You will see only the best fighters competing and all the punches and kicks are 100% authentic.

Get up close and witness these perfectly toned athletes compete for top prizes and test their skills against the best.

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